ESN invites all of you to a pre-party at NTNU Gløshaugen! Afterwards we will head to Studio26!
Bring your BUDDY! Bring your friends! Join the beer pong tournament!
The pre-party will be in room VE22 at Verkstedteknisk, Gløshaugen. VE22 is in the third floor. A map can be found here:
Because this is at NTNUs property it is very important that guests do not consume alcohol outside of VE22. Keep the alcohol inside the room.
The evening starts at VE22, then we head to Studio26! In VE22 there will be music, snacks, beer pong and lots of cool people! 
More information about the beer pong tournament - coming soon!
Also bring your own alcohol for the pre-party! Remember to bring your ID, you need to be at least 20 years old to enter Studio26.
See you there!
We will be selling ESN cards from 18:50-19:30. If you want one, bring 100 NOK in cash and a passport-sized photo (printed photo is ok).
PS: please respect NTNUs rules about alcohol. Consuming alcohol outside of VE22 is strictly forbidden.
06/10/2017 - 19:00