Save the date and invite your friends!
On September 7th there will be a walking dinner in Moholt to show off your cooking skills, meet new people, have delicious food and go out for a great party afterwards.
Sign up at the rudirockt website.
(You will need to create an account for this first, and then sign up with your cooking partner)
Here are the basic facs:
- area to participate: Moholt Studentby, so find a friend you can cook with in Moholt in case you don't live here
- find a friend to make a team of 2 and choose the course you would prefer to cook
- you will get assigned one of three courses (we try to follow your preferances but that's not always possible)
- have three delicious courses in total in a group of 6 persons each --> meet 6 other teams (12 new persons)
- after party in the city at Studio 26 with ESN Trondheim
The schedule on the day of the event is as follows:
17:30 Appetizer
19:15 Main Course
21:00 Dessert
23:00 After-Dinner-Party - Studio 26
If you have further questions or are looking for a cooking partner, check out the Facebook event!
07/09/2017 - 17:30