Ready to visit one of Norway's most beautiful districts?

ESN Lofoten Trip is one of the most popular trips every semester!
Lofoten is one of Norway's most amazing places to visit, with beautiful characteristic mountains and fjords.

Twice a semester, we send over 50 student to the stunning islands of Lofoten on a 6-day trip. The trip itself takes 16 hours by bus from Trondheim. Students get to row a viking ship, have a tour in a replica of a real viking house at its original location, taste viking food and try on viking helmets and armors.The students live in small, cozy, red “rorbuer”(cabins) by the fjords, with a view over the amazing mountains shooting through the water. We arrange a biking trip for the students as well as two hikes. The first one being for beginners, while the other one heads off to “Hells peak” (666 meters) - a very dangerous route! Then, 20-30 participants usually join each other in running into the ice-cold water, at what is actually a beautiful, sandy beach with turquoise waters! At the beach the participants taste local food like dried fish and “tran”(fish oil). At nighttime we arrange a dinner for them with a quiz, and the party takes over from that point onwards! Usually, some people end up having a night bath around 4-5AM!

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27/09/2017 to 02/10/2017