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Tickets will go on sale 16/08/2019 10:00 at the following link:
We are very excited to travel to Rondane with you! Rondane National Park is a beautiful area in the heart of Norway. It's only about four hours by bus from Trondheim. It's home to several mountains over 2000m high, the highest being Rondeslottet at 2178m. Rondane National Park was established in 1962, making it the first and oldest national park in Norway. The area has everything from barren high alpine peaks to gentle slopes with cozy mountain farms. The park is also home to a herd of close to 2000 wild reindeer! It's also the only highland ecosystem in Europe where wild reindeer, wolverines, arctic foxes, golden eagles, ravens and rodents coexist.
We will be staying at Rondane Fjellstue, which is an old cozy traditional mountain lodge located about 5 km from the border of Rondane national park. You can check out for more information about the lodge. We will be staying in two-to-four-person rooms. There's a restaurant at the lodge and it's also possible to prepare our own food. We will be the only ones staying there that weekend, so we will have the whole lodge to ourselves.
Rondane Høyfjellshotell is nearby, and here we are able to chill out in their sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool at a discounted price. They also have a nice spa department, where you can book different treatments. There's also posible to rent bikes here, for 100 NOK per person (discounted from 150 NOK).
We will have the chance to visit one of the many summits in the area, see the absolutely stunning nature, go hiking in the area, go biking, see beautiful waterfalls and more. You do NOT need to be an experienced hiker to join this trip. Everyone can join and have fun and see the beautiful nature in the area. Maybe we even get to see some wild reindeer!
Thursday: Departure from Trondheim at 10:00, arrival about 15:00.
We will stop at a grocery store on the way there.
We will barbecue in the evening. People are free to explore the area and get to know each other.
Friday: Hiking trip to Ranglarhø, a hill nearby with a fantastic view. The hike is about 1.5 hours one way. We will also visit Brudesløret, which is a stunning waterfall. It's beautiful scenery along the entire river. Pizza in the evening at the lodge. 
Saturday: Hiking trip to Veslesmeden (2015 meters over sea level). It's one of the many mountain tops over 2000 meters in Rondane and the view is amazing. We will enter the national park at the start of the hike and along they way we will see beautiful alpine nature, visit Rondvassbu (mountain lodge in the park) and Rondvatnet (mountain lake). In the evening we willl relax back at the lodge and have a party.
Sunday: Free time where we can explore the area freely. Departure from Rondane at 17:00
Breakfast will be served at the lodge 08:00-10:00 every morning. During breakfast we can prepare a lunch for the day to bring with us.
A more detailed programme will be made available at a later date and sent to all the participants. Please note that changes in the programme may occur.
The bus will stop at a grocery store in Otta on the way to Rondane, so you can buy groceries and other stuff you want. It's best to buy groceries on the way there, as the closest store is over 30 minutes away. 
With ESNcard: 1875 NOK
Ticket + ESNcard: 2005 NOK
Without ESNcard: 2025 NOK
ESNcards will be checked on the bus.
What's included in the price?
-Transport Trondheim-Rondane and Rondane-Trondheim
-Accomodation Thursday-Sunday (bed sheets/bedding sets not included)
-Breakfast and lunch every day
-Pizza friday evening
10/10/2019 to 13/10/2019
  • All international students studying in Trondheim are invited.