The ESNcard is a membership card that we offer to international students, but it is not required to participate in any of our events or activities. It will, however, give you great discounts on all of our activities and major trips. We sell ESNcards almost every week, and the exact time and place of these sales is announced on our Facebook page.  

It costs 100 NOK and is valid for 1 full year. Not only does it offer discounts on trips and other cool stuff in Trondheim, it is also valid in all European countries that have ESN sections. To look up discounts elsewhere in Europe, go to and you can browse through different cities and countries. 

The discounts on our major trips are usually 100 NOK which are to Lofoten, Stadt, Geiranger, Åre and SeaBattle. The discount on our smaller events will vary from event to event.

Discounts in Trondheim

  •    Studio 26: Free entrance, wardrobe and table reservation on Fridays before 00.00 and Saturdays before 23:30.

  •    Trondheim Paintball: Special offer: 1,5 hours of gameplay + instructions for 200 NOK (Equipment and unlimeted use of bullets are included.)

  •    Rockheim: Tickets are only 60 NOK (Normal price is 100 NOK)