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In the following we have prepared an alphabetical overview of the different clubs and bars you can spend your evenings in. The beer prices might vary from what we have posted here.

Bar Circus

If you think it is okay to be intimate with others while enjoying a cold beer, Bar Circus is the place for you. It is very often too crowded, and it can be difficult to get to the other side of the room without rubbing up against other people.  But there is a reason this bar is always packed; the beer prices are low, they are playing well-known rock classics, and frenetic dancing is absolutely a must. This can be a perfect place to visit before you move on to another bar or club.

Olav Tryggvasons gate 27
Beer price: (39,-)
Age limit: 20 years


This is one of Trondheim’s best concert bars, both for locals and international artists. While the first floor is characterized by a café atmosphere, the second floor, with its scene and two bars, is more of a nightspot. The visitors are mostly "rock people" in their mid-twenties, but Blæst has room for all kinds of people in every age. The music and concerts are of great variety, you will definitely find something that suits your style!
Tmv-kaia 17 (Solsiden)
Beer price:  64 NOK
Age limit: 20 years

Brukbar & Supa

The alcohol is expensive and the decor is trendy. This is a place for those who want to see and be seen! Watch out for the hipsters! But it is important to know that Brukbar deserves its popularity, which you can experience through the long lines. The main room is like a super urban living room, and it is suitable both for drinking coffee with friends and lounging in the night. In the basement you can find Supa with a lot of talented DJs and great music systems. Very often they play dubstep or lounge. Put on your dancing shoes and stomp to the rhythms.
Kongens gate 19
Beer price:  72 NOK
Age limit: 21 years Friday+ Saturday, 20 years the rest of the week.

Club Gossip

Get ready to move your hips to the sound of R'n'B! Three floors, smoke machine, and "Bailando", is some of the key words for describing this night club. In a mysterious way, the clientele seems to keep their skin tan - even during the winter. The girls are often overdressed (but definitely not in the sense that they are wearing a lot of clothes). This is the perfect place to bring your friends and go bananas on the dance floor.
ESN has a partnership with Gossip, which means anyone who buys an ESN card can get Carlsberg beer for 33 NOK any day except Saturday, rum and cola for 59 NOK and free entrance before 12 o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays.
Nordre gate 23
Beer price: Thursdays and Fridays 39 NOK, Saturdays 59 NOK
Age limit: 20 years

Den Gode Nabo

Hidden away under the old city bridge lies one of the coziest places in Trondheim. Den Gode Nabo is a place for beer enthusiasts, and boasts an impressive selection of beers, including lots from small Norwegian breweries. If you're not afraid of paying for some quality beer, this is most certainly worth a visit. The staff is also more than capable of and willing to guide you in your selection of brew. In the summer, they even extend a ramp to a pavilion floating in the river, where you can sit and enjoy quality beer while taking in the wonderful Trondheim summer - provided the weather is good!
Ovre Bakklandet 60
Beer Price: 75,-
Age limit: 20 years


If you had a little too much to drink, this place may seem like a maze because of all the different rooms and floors. Do not try to find your buddy if you have lost him – the game is already lost! Pianobaren can offer you singalong, and Juba Jubar in the basement plays Norwegian classics all night long. Prepare yourself to hear a lot of Åge Aleksandersen’s music. After all, he is a hardcore "trønder". On the top floor, people are dancing and sweating without any shame or intimate boundaries. When the clock strikes two, a lot of Don Juans are trying to make the move before the light is turned on. Unfortunately, the majority of these guys have to settle with a kebab as company on their way back home.
Nordre gate 28
Beer price: Low on Thursdays
Age limit: 20 years


Familien is known as including and excluding at the same time. Do not be surprised if the bouncer grabs your hand while he pronounces your name correctly. It is uncertain whether he wants to check your behavior, or whether he wants to be your mate. At least it gives you an idea of the cosy atmosphere that waits for you inside, especially because of the fireplace in the middle of the room. Familien also has a stage for concerts, in addition to reggae music in the basement during the weekends. If you want to check out something else than Gossip and Downtown, this is the place to go.
Dronningens gate 11
Beer price: 59 NOK, Saturdays after 23 pm 74 NOK
Age limit: 20 years

Fru Lundgreen

Fru Lundgren is a relatively dark and intimate cave-like pub in the basement in Olavskvartalet. You can come here to listen to concerts with mostly unknown artists, or you can have a beer while playing on the crooked pool table. Usually, the music genre is hard rock and heavy metal. The lightning is soft, and the furniture is dark coloured.
Kjøpmannsgata 50
Beer price: 69
Age limit: 20 years

Lille London

If you can’t afford a weekend in London city, this place can be a good substitute. You can watch football games on a big screen, play some pool and dart, or eat something from their junk food menu. Lille London has a lot of seats, and if you are lucky you can enjoy a whiskey in a big leather chair with a touch of Victorian style. Every Tuesday and Wednesday (and sometimes Friday and Saturday), they are playing live music, and every Thursday they have a popular quiz. They have good student discounts.
Carl Johans gate 10
Beer price: Sunday – Thursday 39 NOK, Friday and Saturday 71 NOK
Age limit: 20 years


Their speciality is beer, and there are many options to choose from. You can taste both dark and light, they have it all! The sample plate can be nice to order if you want to taste several types of beer. If you are not that kind of person who likes to listen to pop music and get wild on the table, perhaps this is a place for you. Mikrobryggeriet is more quiet than other places, and it is not necessary to scream to the person sitting next to you. A perfect place for relaxing with some good friends around the table – every day of the week.
Prinsens gate 39
Beer price: 62 NOK
Age limit: 18/20 years

Mormors stue

The later on the day you go there, the cheaper beer and food you get – in contrast to most other places. They have two floors inside, and you can also sit outside in the backyard. The coffee is good, and the cakes are excellent (on Sundays you can have a cake buffet for only 69 NOK). Despite plenty of space, the place is often packed. This is because Mormors stue is quite popular, especially among students. People say it is like being home at their grandmother’s house (mormor means grandmother). The atmosphere is really warm and cosy.
Nedre Enkeltskillingsveita 2
Beer price: 39 NOK every day after 17:00
Age limit: 18 years


A stone’s throw away from Solsiden, you can find the city’s hidden gem in the heart of Svartlamoen. They serve excellent food, cheap beer, and often arrange concerts with local bands on stage. Ramp is known for their high focus on organic products, and their furnitures are well used, but charming. Dress down and relax, this place does not require anything from you.
Strandveien 25 A
Beer price: 37/52 NOK


If you are new in town, Samfundet may be confusing with its large numbers of floors, stairs, and doors. When you are getting to know where all the doors and stairs are taking you, the red and circular house will be a more enjoyable place to visit. Since the place is run by volunteer students, it is almost a guarantee that this place has something for everyone. And of course, the prices for food and beer will not bankrupt you. Political debates, concerts etc, are often to be found on Samfundets calendar of activities.
Elgeseter gate 1
Beer price: 44/57 NOK members/not members
Age limit: 18 years (for students)

Studio 26

You do not have to wait too long to get your cheap beer at Studio 26, and this is probably because of five bars over three floors. If you are late, you may have to rely on spending some time in line before you can take a step into the club. The themes are different in every bar, with a stylish and implemented interior. Festive sounds of hip-hop and R'n'B manipulates the dance floor, and people are literally dancing their feet off during the weekends. Studio 26 is, without a doubt, a trendy place where you can flirt as much as you like. Put on your charming smile, and wait in line!
Nordre gate 26
Beer price: 39/49/69 ,-
Age limit: 20 years

Three Lions

A British pub that many people would say is the best place in town to watch sports. When there is an important game going on, the place is packed! Lots of big screens over three floors seem to be one of the main reasons for this. They serve burgers as well as other English “pub food”. You can discuss sports with other fans, play pool for free, listen to live music, or join a team when they arrange a quiz. Conclusion: if you like sports, do not hesitate to visit Three Lions!
Brattørgata 12 B
Beer price: 69 NOK

Other places to check out: Vega, Diskoteket, Kos, Raus, Barmuda, Rock city.